Podcast on Macro Trading mentions total debt service.

I wanted to mention the Macro Trading Floor because they have access to all the data when comparing the strengths and weaknesses of countries in their analysis of currency pairs and outperforming bonds.

If you see the value that I share here at World Wealth 101 you will really appreciate these guys.

Here's there description: 

The Macro Trading Floor is a macro and financial markets show bringing a new actionable investment idea every week. Hosted by Alfonso Peccatiello (the former head of a $20B investment portfolio) and Andreas Steno Larsen (an executive of one of Europe’s largest funds), TMTF combines fun and engaging banter with serious investment and market insight. Each week hosts Alfonso Peccatiello and Andreas Steno Larsen break down macro and market developments and they discuss a novel investment idea and how it can be implemented – along with plenty of banter in between.

Check it out here: 

These guys will keep you up to date until I get a chance to crunch the numbers again. :)


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